It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all over again in the Hudson Valley. A Hallmark Christmas movie will be taking over the streets of Dutchess County in the next few weeks.

The Hudson Valley is no stranger to movies and television shows filming in the area. In 2021 there were so many shows filming at one time or another it felt like Hollywood was in our own backyard. Hollywood on the Hudson has a nice ring to it.

From 'Sex Lives of College Girls,' 'The White House Plumbers' and 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' on HBO Max to 'Life & Beth' on Hulu the Hudson Valley played the role of a perfect backdrop in these new and upcoming series.

Orange County was decking the halls long before Christmas hit the Hudson Valley in 2021 as 2 Hallmark Christmas movies were filmed in the area. 'One December Night,' starring Peter Gallagher, shared the spotlight with 4 Hudson Valley businesses.

A Spectacular Christmas

It looks like Hallmark is making a Hudson Valley holiday comeback. Hudson Valley Film Commission is reporting that there is a casting call for a new Hallmark film called "A Spectacular Christmas." According to the post the movie tells "A beautiful story set in 1957 about a woman who dreams of becoming a Rockette much to her family's dismay."

The movie is scheduled to be filming in Newburgh, Beacon, Staatsburgh, and Albany at the end of January until February. It's a paid gig with the payout as follows:


If you're interested in possibly being cast in a Hallmark Christmas film you can fill out a casting call form with HGB Casting.

Start working on those high kicks!

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Ever wonder where all the famous people who visit the Hudson Valley go to stay while they are working on a film in the Hudson Valley. We hear about all these famous stars in the area making movies but where would they live while they were here. Surely they could stay with friends I guess but I am thinking one of these homes could be a great hold-up for someone needing to be off the grid but close by for work. All of these homes are listed for rent at $15,000 a month just $500 a day. Definitely in an actor's budget. Pick one you would want to rent.



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