Well, 2023 is about to be half over. The first 6 months will be in the rearview mirror before we know it and the truth of the matter is there is still so much to do. Is it just me or does it seem that 2023 has been the year that has had many false starts?

We got snow but nothing to write home about. We got beyond COVID but the truth is that it is still out there and people are still getting sick. We got excited about early spring and then it never stopped raining now summer is right around the corner and as of today, our skies are filled with smoke from a forest fire in another country.

What to Do Now That 2023 is Half Over

You maybe thing that I am wrong and that is ok but I want you to walk a moment down memory lane with me and see where exactly 2023 has taken us so far. Believe me, I am not trying to bring you down but I do think we need to realize we may not be as far along as we thought in our 2023 agenda.

Let's look at a few things that 2023 may or may not have delivered for us. On the national front, we are already watching the 2024 election which basically means it will be a long one. We did get the whole debt thing workout though so that is a good thing. There are still a lot of jobs available but unfortunately, the price at the pump and the checkout at the grocery are still pretty high.

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Locally in the Hudson Valley, I am feeling pretty good about things but I am aware that we still have businesses closing and housing costs have gotten crazy as well. It seems that our own lives may be going well but we need to assist others with theirs.

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So What is the first step to getting in front of what's left of 2023 before it's all gone? Simple, get a tarot card reading. Yes, I said to have your cards read. The process is easy and I promise when you are done you are going to feel great. You will be able to see all the good stuff left to do with the second half of 2023. My advice is to keep your plan in focus and let a psychic do the rest.

Where to Go to Get Your Tarot Cards Read

Hudson Valley Tarot Card Locations

All of us get curious about our future from time to time. Some of us go as far as consulting the tarot cards. If you are wondering what might be in store for you in the future why not pick one of these Hudson Valley shops and stop in for a reading?

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