So a little back ground on why I am sharing an Android commercial with you. I was sitting on the couch last night watching the usual Thursday night TV and this commercial came on that literally woke me out of my TV coma. By the end I was trying to guess what the product was and of course the song was stuck in my head. I wanted to see it again it was so cute so I hit rewind on the DVR and actually laughed through the whole thing.

The commercials sends the great message, that friends come in all shapes and sizes. It also goes to show that any one or any animal can work together if they are motivated to do so. Both of those messages are really cool, but the fact that it is just a commercial of animals having fun and playing together is the part that really got my attention. I heard chill out and laugh a little please.

Sometimes we are having a serious day. Every moment seems so real and exhausting. We need to remind ourselves to chill out and not be so serious all the time. Especially when we are on day 30 of snow. Even though they want you to buy a phone I think Android really just wants you to remember to have fun. So watch the video, get the song stuck in you head and go have some fun.

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