Move over! There's a new Grinch in town, and we suspect that he resides in Millbrook somewhere. Be careful because he truly is a mean one.

It's the time of the year when we see The Grinch in real life and not just in the movie and on television.

I've got to say I was a bit surprised at the Millbrook Christmas parade when a man in The Grinch costume performed an awesome stunt that would even give crazy old Jim Carrey a run for his money.

Check out this cool performance:

It was all fun and entertaining at first, but then something terrible happened. Children's laughter quickly turned to tears as The Grinch got away. The Grinch literally stole Christmas, and the entire town of Millbrook just watched and let it happen.

Hopefully, there's a chance that Cindy Lou can get his heart to grow a few sizes and save Millbrook's Holiday.

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