It was announced today that in 2016 the FBI will start gathering information and tracking animal cruelty on a national level. This is a big step towards finally determining a lot about this under reported crime. For Paws of Ulster shared this news on their Facebook page today thanks to the Hudson Valley SPCA of Orange County.

This is big news because it means that now law enforcement from the local level all the way up to the FBI will be able to collect information about animal abuse cases. If an abusers moves state to state or has gone undetected there is a better chance their actions won't go unnoticed. Then maybe we can get a handle on this horrible crime committed daily. Click here to read more about the frequency of animal abuse.

Some may ask why is it important that the FBI track this information and get involved with this level of commitent? The fact is that people who abuse animals all to often have a connection to many other types of crimes. In order to better understand this connection, law enforcement has decided to commit to this project. Sadly, it will take a few years for the data gathering to show trends or even track large scale abuse but it is a start and I for one am glad it is finally happening.

Check out this story from November 15. 2015 by The Baltimore Sun. It really spells out the importance of this project.


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