When I first heard about kids eating Tide Pods I couldn't help but think, 'what is happening?"  We as adults would NEVER do that kind of thing.

It's like getting in a car with a stranger, as kids we were told NEVER to do it but now we call an Uber or Lyft and get in a strange car with someone we don't even know.

Never say never I guess because I will now be eating Tide Pods.  Well, OK, not really Tide Pods but it kind of feels like it.  Maybe more like looks like it.

GLENLIVET has released their "capsule collection" of glassless cocktails.

Think 'Jell-O Shots' but just straight whiskey or other cocktails.

See what I mean?  It would look like eating Tide Pods and could end up really dangerous.

Funny how things come full circle, isn't it?

I'm thinking though that in all seriousness, this could become an easy drinking problem.


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