Have you ever bought something at your front door and never got what you paid for?

It normally happens a few times a year. There's a knock at your front door, you open it to see a young boy or girl standing there asking you if you'd like to buy whatever it is that they are selling. Sometimes it's popcorn or wrapping paper, other times its cookies. Whatever it is, most of us, when we are asked, will buy whatever they are selling. Right?

But what happens if you never get what you've paid for?

I know that over the years I've personally bought many things at my front door. One time I remember buying popcorn from one of the scout organizations and never got what I ordered. I never once thought it was a scam but it looks like those types of scams are happening.


Police on Long Island are now investigating a father/daughter team that allegedly went door to door selling cookies to residents in a few Long Island towns. The pair asked customers to pay for the cookies upfront (red flag) and now customers are claiming they never received the cookies.

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According to ABC 7, the cookie hustle started back in April when a father and daughter team allegedly approached homes in Lake Ronkonkoma, Bohemia, Patchogue, Shirley, and Mastic asking residents if they'd like to buy some Girl Scout cookies.

Here's What Happened

One man told ABC 7 that back in April a friendly girl about 5 or 6 years old came to his house and asked him if he'd like to buy some cookies.

Being a former boy scout, the man happily ordered four boxes and gave her $20, all while a man who said he was the young girl's father watched the transaction from the street. After ordering the cookies, the victim said he never received what he paid for.

"It's not the money. It's not the cookies. It's what this gentleman is teaching his daughter. A life of crime like this, the real victim is that little girl."

Police are still looking to locate the father/daughter team that allegedly pulled off the scam.


Girl Scouts do the Right Thing

Once the Girl Scouts of Suffolk County got word about the scam, they announced that they will honor any and all bogus orders because they feel that folks were simply trying to support a good cause. They are also asking any other cookie buyers that feel like they have fallen for the cookie scam to please file a police report with their local authorities.

The Girl Scouts also want to remind any cookie buyers that scouts are supposed to be in uniform when selling and should never ask for cash upfront.

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