Well, move over Bigfoot and Hudson Valley UFO's it's time we focus on Ghost Ships.

We know that New York is filled with tons of history. We also know that with those historic moments come with urban legends. One legend in particular had me raising my eye brows.

Have you heard or seen the Ghost Ships on the Hudson River?

According to some urban legend websites the famous ship the Half Moon, which was sailed by Henry Hudson, makes current day appearances on the Hudson River.

A blog called "The Weather Dork" recalls a story that a local man told him recently about seeing the ghost of the Half Moon.

He says a man who went by Samuel and lived in Highland was fishing along the Hudson in the evening right before a storm swept in. The man says he saw a boat that he's never seen before on the Hudson.

It was wooden ship and "had three empty masts." The boat also made no noise until the boat drifted 50 feet away from the man.

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