Any day can be a holiday as long as you're getting a gift, right?

Happy 7/11 Day! It's July 11th which means that one of America's largest convenient stores, 7-Eleven, is celebrating its namesake day. For years now the store has been celebrating on July 11th by giving their customers free, small, Slurpees all day long.

Well from 11am until 7pm, because you know...7-Eleven.

According to Time.Com customers will be able to enjoy any flavor of Slurpee including their new flavor based off of one of the most popular cereals of all time (personal fact, but maybe actually factual) Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries.

A few years ago, grabbing a slurpee in the Hudson Valley was easy as there were several locations. However, things have changed. It looks as though there is only one location to celebrate 7/11 this year.

The lone 7-Eleven location is on 266 Hooker Avenue in Poughkeepsie in Dutchess County. If you know of another 7-Eleven location, let us know. A free Slurpee is worth the drive right?

Happy 7/11! Watch out for brain freezes.

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