If the past few, warm weekends tempted you into planting some flowers around your home to get ready for summer, you might be kicking yourself tonight because you may need to go around and cover them all so you don't lose them to frost.

Yes, I said frost.

If you live in Greene, Columbia, Ulster, or Dutchess county, the National Weather Service has issued a frost advisory for your area from 2 am until 8 am tomorrow.

As the clouds begin to move out this evening, we will have clear skies and temperatures in the mid-thirties overnight. In some areas, you could wake up to frost for your morning commute.

While this certainly won't impede any travel plans, it will be slightly annoying as it is May for goodness sake. So, if you already put the ice scrapper away, you might want to find it again, make sure you cover any plants outside you don't want to lose, and you may need to wear a coat tomorrow.

Welcome to May.


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