Its now official!

Frolic Friday was born many years ago, on the then named CJ in the Morning Show. It all started one morning when I was trying to figure out a way to make everyone smile not just on the radio, but by doing a video along with it.

After many days and weeks of deep, deep thought (not really) frolic Friday was born and has been a Friday morning staple on the now named Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show for over 4 years. It took almost a year to get Jess to even entertain the idea of heading out of the studio to skip around like two morons but after some time she gave in and we have been going strong since.

We have frolicked for all kinds of reasons, we have frolicked with hundreds of fans at the Taste of Country Music Festival, we have frolicked with Paul Sr from Orange County Choppers, We did the "Git Up" frolic. We have done it all!

To our surprise back in October we missed a few Fridays of frolicking and didn't hear one word about what happened to it. NOTHING! So we took a little bit to think about if we should even frolic anymore. We couldn't come to a decision so like we do with most things, we left it up to you, our best friends!

We have been taking votes, messages and comment for a week now, we asked "keep it" or "let it die"?

The response has been overwhelming. The problem is, it is so close. Some want it, others hates us for even doing it! LOL! We think we have come up with a decision that was suggested to us from a listen of the show.

She said we should let it die BUT bring it back around when there is cause for celebration or for a special cause or situation. So that's the decision, frolic Friday is DEAD but can be brought back when needed!

Here is our last frolic on the day formally known as Frolic Friday.....

Thank you to each and every one of you that ever watched us frolic and Rest in Peace old friend! R.I.P.

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