Yes, it's Friday and we cant wait to frolic for YOU!

If you listen to me and Jess on Fridays you know that we frolic every week for some reason or another. We do it inn hopes of making you laugh or at least smile for a second.

With today being Good Friday and Sunday being Easter, Jess and I decided to do our best Easter Bunny impersonation. So we grabbed some bunny ears, an Easter basket and some sweet marshmallow peep treats and headed outside to frolic.....

Just be thankful that that Easter bunny isn't making an appearance at your house this weekend.

As we say every week, if you had a tough work week or just need a little pick me up, nothing will make you feel better than a good ol' fashioned frolic.

So drop your arms to your sides, point your hands out and start frolicking around. I promise it'll make you feel better.

Have a great weekend and from our families to yours HAPPY EASTER!

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