Shoes are off and the snow is cold!

Jess and I every week for the last year or so have celebrated Friday's with a nice frolic. To frolic, you just drop your arms to your side and start skipping around. Yes we will do what ever it takes to have you laugh at us.

We usually have a theme every week, we've done everything from football to patriotic to Christmas and more.

This week it was suggested to us that we should frolic on this Friday BAREFOOT and like I always say you ask and we will deliver.

So boots off and away we go.....

OMG! Cold is an understatement! DAMN!!!

Jess and I are now going to start taking more of your suggestions on what theme or how we should frolic for next Friday. So if you have a suggestion make sure you leave a comment below or shoot us an email and make sure your listening next Friday to see if we use your suggestion.

Have a great weekend!

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