Lately I feel like I have been a real impulse buyer. I don't know if it because I haven't really spent a lot money on things this past year or if it is just I keep finding cool stuff I want to buy. My impulse buy yesterday definitely had to do with finding some yummy cool stuff.

Dressel Farms shared the post above yesterday right before I was heading out for a round of golf for my husbands birthday. I saw this amazing homemade cookie ice cream sandwich and knew it was going to be on the menu as an après golf treat.

When we arrive at Dressel's farm store all the big cookie versions we gone. According to the folks we talked to they flew out of the freezer. No Doubt, you post homemade cookies with handmade ice cream on a hot day and I am feeling lucky that there were even any left at all.

I realize that all our farm markets are offering all kinds of treats right now. So many of them have season treats like peaches and sweet corn. You may be thinking that ice cream is best found at an ice cream stand. Your Hudson Valley Farm market may surprise you with a delicious treat. Find a farm market near you and see what late summer treats they have on their menu.

If you are still on the fence about one of these cookie ice cream sandwiches checkout these pictures of mine from Wednesday.

Dressel Farms Ice Cream Sandwich

The Dressel Farms ice cream sandwich made with farm fresh ice cream and homemade cookies will definitely beat the heat and put a big smile on your face.

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