A big change has happened to the Newburgh waterfront.

I'm not sure if I missed something but during my last trip to the Newburgh Waterfront, I noticed something that I never noticed before. Do you have to pay to park in the parking lots??

Since When?

Forgive me if this is something that isn't new to the Newburgh area but just last week while I was working at Billy Joes Ribworks I had a person come up and ask me if I knew where you could park for free near Billy Joe's. Park or free? I thought all the parking was free along the waterfront. Nope, not anymore.

I'm not sure when the parking meters went in but after walking around and asking a few questions I think I have an idea of how to avoid having to pay to park and how to avoid getting a ticket while you enjoy a day on the water.


Pay to Park in Newburgh

Meters like the one pictured above have popped up all along Front Street and from what I can tell, you will need to pay to park at any parking spaces along Front street. Each space is numbered and just like many parking lots across the Hudson Valley, once you park you walk over to the nearest meter and type in your space and the amount of time you expect to be parked in the spot. You then swipe your credit card to pay and grab the receipt and put it on your windshield. (If you don't put it on your windshield you will get a ticket!)

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Where to Park for Free in Newburgh

As far as I can tell the areas that have a red dot on the map above are all the parking lots that you can park for FREE. I reached out to as many people I could to try and make sure I have the parking lots labeled properly but with some of the lots being privately owned and some owned by the city it was hard to get an exact answer, so if and when you are at the waterfront make sure that you read the signs when you find a spot to park in. I don't what anyone to get a ticket...LOL!

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