If you like fishing your going to love this, free fishing is coming this month and its real easy to take advantage of.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, we will all be able fish the fresh waters of New York State for free on certain days and weekends this year with no fishing license.

Coming up on Saturday June 23rd and Sunday June 24th we can all do some free fishing without have to buy a fishing license which could be a great time to take the kids out for a nice weekend of fishing. Maybe you haven't been fishing in a really long time, this is the perfect opportunity to get back out on the water and save some money doing it.

Free fishing days and weekends are open to New York residents and non-residents. Yes it is free, but remember you still need to abide by all other state freshwater fishing regulations.

The DEC has also made both September 22nd and November 11th of 2018 free fishing days as well, so get your rods and reels ready and get out and enjoy the great water ways in the Hudson Valley.

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