Nothing says happy fathers day like a fun CB trucker handle!!!

The only way Jess and I know how to celebrate anything is by having some sort of ridiculous fun with it.

With that in mind, Father's Day is Sunday June 20th this year and to get in the daddy mood we decided to dedicate our "Phone Check Friday" to dear old dad. Every Friday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do something called phone checks, the objective is to give everyone a chance to get their very own unique CB radio trucker handles and to make sure our phones are working...LOL!

Every week we have a different formula we use to come up with a new handle for everyone and with Father's Day on Sunday we dedicated our checks to dad with this formula....take your dads first name and the last thing you ate, put "bag of" in between them and BOOM, there you have your exclusive trucker handle.

Mine was "Philly bag of donuts"....Jess' was "Joey bag of popcorn". We got a ton of fans calling in and texting in today, here are some of our favorite CB trucker handles from the show....

Free Father's Day CB Trucker Handle Names

Father's Day CB trucker Handles

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