Tis the season for dog hair everywhere. It seems that the season of shed is coming a bit late this year but none the less it is here and it is fierce.

I am a Hudson Valley dog Mom and no I didn't adopt a dog that doesn't shed. I actually have a mutt that can shed tufts of hair as she walk during the warmer weather. Pearl has one of those water proof undercoats that comes out in big clumps and sticks to everything.

All this shedding has resulted in me having to come up with a few ideas to get dog hair off my clothes, my furniture and out of my car. I have four methods I swear by which doesn't include my "As Seen on TV" couch cover.

Method One:

Duck Tape or any kind of tape for that matter, works great and its quick. Just wrap it around you hand sticky side out and start patting the hair off your clothes. I actually saw one hack that had the tape wrapped around a paint roller.

Close-up of duct tape

Method 2:

The dryer with a dryer sheet is another quick and easy way to get dog hair of your clothes or other dryable object. You actually put your clothes in the dryer before you wash them. It helps remove the dog hair so you don't clog up the washer. It is also a great way to clean up and sweat shirt or jacket before you need to wear it out.

Man Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

Method 3:

Textured gloves like the ones you would use for gardening also work really well. And if your dog will tolerate it you can actually use the glove as a way of grooming the dog to remove excess hair. Just pet them and watch the hair fly.


Method 4:

This has to be my favorite idea but not very practical unless you have extra balloons lying around. Latex (not Mylar) balloons work really well to get pet hair off your clothes, furniture and other surfaces. You just simply inflate the balloon and rub it all over allowing the static friction to pick up the hair. Probably not the most efficient process for fur removal but tons of fun.


Puppyleaks.com and The Krazy Coupon Lady have some other ideas you can consider but I think you will find that the four method I use work really well and are super easy except for maybe the balloons.

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