I have noticed recently that there are more and more food / meal service companies popping up on TV and in social media. The first time I ever heard of one of these meal subscription companies was when I was talking with a co-worker who always had this neat little lunch in a box. It was all prepared and always smelled delicious. I am not a fan of food from a box, but I liked what he was eating.

I couldn't figure out what it was about the meal in a box concept that bothered me until I realized it was too similar to those pre-ordered diet meals that were so popular when I was growing up. Now, I realize that companies like Blue Apron, Marley Spoon, Freshly and Gobble aren't diet meals they are actually meals that come to your door ready to be opened, some prepared, then eaten and enjoyed.

If getting food to prepare in a box is something you enjoy, you might want to consider another type of boxed food that you can subscribe to that's local from the Hudson Valley. I am taking about a farm co-op box. There are two groups that I know of that will get you a delicious box of food on a regular basis from a Hudson Valley farmer. No, they aren't pre-prepared properly portioned meals, but they are the raw ingredients that can get you to possibly cook one on your own while supporting a local farmer.

The Hudson Valley CSA Coalition and Phillies Bridge Farm Project are both ready to help you receive farm fresh ingredients grown right here in the Hudson Valley. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture which means that when you sign up for one of these groups your subscription fee is going to help local farms grow the food you will receive. It could be a little bit more rustic than what you might get in a box on your door from a national food subscription service, but it is also going to local farm fresh.

Both Hudson Valley CSA Coalition and Phillies Bridge Farm Project are online and on Facebook where you can find out more about signing up for their food box. Who knows, maybe adding a local farm service to what you are already using from a national meal subscription will add some local flavor to that box recipe.

UPDATE: 3-4-2021 - Since the original article was published we have learned of a farm in Cornwall New York that offers Goat Milk, Cheese and Yogurt for box pick-up. They are Edgwick Farm.

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