At my house the countdown has begun. Halloween is fast approaching and there is barely time to get all the ghoulish goodies together.

I realize that most people are counting down to Christmas and I completely understand why Halloween might not get the same level of attention. However as of late more and more people are getting into the "spirit" of Halloween's spooky traditions and I for one am happy with the trend. After all you can always start the Christmas Countdown on November first.

So here is a quick checklist of things to do in the next few weeks.

1 - Figure out your costume

2 - Plan your trick or treating route

3 - Find all the local Halloween attractions you want to visit and plot them on your calendar

4 - Pick out the perfect pumpkin for the porch

5 - Buy Candy

Even Disney is getting in tho the spirit with an all new feature at Mickey's Halloween Parade.

The History of Halloween 101 a la National Geographic