We have flipped the calendar from October to November and that means it's time to start shopping!

Obviously we have Black Friday coming up on the Friday after Thanksgiving but according to PureWow, we dont need to wait until then to save on some really great items.

Here are five things that always go on sale in November,

1. You can get great deals on Halloween costumes and decorations now that the holiday is over.

2. Cars always go on sale in November because dealerships have to make room for next year models, so nows the time to get a great deal.

3. Groceries. Why? Because most grocery stores want you to do your Thanksgiving shopping with them and to get that done, they mark down stuff you will definitely need like flour and sugar and some stores even go as far as offering you free turkeys.

4. Kitchen appliances and cookware. department stores and places like Bed, Bath & Beyond want to get you in their stores for Thanksgiving shopping and once you in, they hope that you might also do some Christmas shopping while you're there.

5. TVs.We all know that TV's are always a big deal on Black Friday, but if you look in the right stores, you can get good deals all month long as most stores are trying to clear the way for new models.

Happy shopping!!!

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