The crash was tragic and the aftermath is just as tragic.

According to WTEN, the deadly limousine crash that took the lives of 20 people over the weekend up near Albany in Schoharie is still under investigation with a lot of questions looking to be answered.

The National Transportation Safety Board is in the beginning stages of the investigation and no further details have been released as of know but one thing is for sure, family and loved ones of the victims are grieving and the first responders to the accident are having a difficult dealing with what they saw that awful day.

Schoharie County Sheriff Ronald Stevens told WTEN that the tragedy is unlike anything he had ever seen before. He said “It’s probably the most horrid scene that I’ve had to witness.”

Central Bridge Fire Cpt. Aaron Bywater told WTEN that, “The things we saw were like a nightmare, and it’s the days after such a tragedy that is most difficult on first responders." He also said, "We’re trained and trained and trained and this is not what we’re trained to deal with is the aftermath.”

First responders are mostly unpaid volunteers that have families of their own and when the call comes in they leave their families to help those in need and are true heroes.

To prove that point, Bywater said the community can still count on all first responders to do the job at hand. He said," We’re here for everybody, and if the tones drop, we’re still responding.”

God bless all of them in this most difficult time.

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