It is fireplace season in the Hudson Valley. You have enjoyed your outdoor fireplace and campfires, now it is time to bring the flames indoors. I unfortunately had to convert my fireplace to a gas insert a few years back so this time of year is bitter sweet for me. I don't miss lugging wood and looking for bugs before your bring it inside but I do miss a really fire in the fireplace.

Growing up all of my family always had a fireplace in their homes. Some used them for decoration other actually used them to heat the house. One of my favorite memories of my grandpa "Pop" was when we had a power outage for two days and he cook everything on the fire in the living room fireplace. He actually had a rack that held a steak it was so cool.

I don't think many people these days are using their living room fireplace to cook dinner but I could be wrong. What I typically used mine for was to sit in front of after a long fall or winter day to shake of the cold and just get lost in the glow of the wood. Anyway the reason I am bring up my fireplace and how much I miss it is to remind you that if you have a fireplace it is important you maintain it.

State Farm Insurance offers some tips for fireplace safety at Simple things to remember are to have your fireplace inspected by a professional, keep your chimney clean, get the proper wood to burn and don't use chemicals on the fire to get it started. Another great place to get fireplace safety information is from your local fire department. Most are happy to help you get the information your need to keep your fireplace working safely.

You can also contact a Hudson Valley professional from this link to get your Fireplace ready for winter 2020/2021.  List of Hudson Valley Fireplace services. YOu can also learn more about chimney fires from an article from the Chimney Safety institute of America.


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