Did you know, Hudson, New York is home to the Firefighters Association of the State of New York Museum? Did you also know they are the world's largest firefighting museum? How amazing that it's all in our backyard!?

According to the museum's Facebook page, The FASNY Museum of Firefighting houses is " the premier collection of firefighting equipment in the world." They have exhibits that range from contemporary 20th-century motor fire apparatuses to interactive exhibits for kids (ages 3 and up).

Princess and Protectors Tea Party

The Hudson museum also hosts events throughout the year, including the incredibly popular Princess and Protectors Tea Party.

Currently, the FASNY Museum is looking for female firefighters to help host the event. In a Facebook status they write:

We are looking for some female firefighters to come and talk to all of the princesses and princes about what it takes to be a superhero! Bring your turnout gear, help our guests through the Jr. Firefighter Challenge, and make a positive impact on some future firefighters.

This year's Princesses and Protectors Tea Party will kick off at 10:30 am on Saturday, March 26th.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping with the Princess and Protectors Tea Party, you are urged to contact the Museum Educator Kathy Slade at kathy@fasnyfiremuseum.com or 518-822-1875 (ext. 17).

The FASNY Museum of Firefighting hosts many events throughout the year. They offer fire safety courses free to residents of Columbia County on specific Saturdays, as well as Dalmation Day and Musters which are fun events for fire apparatus collectors.

To learn more about the FASNY Museum of Firefighting visit fasnyfiremuseum.com.

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