Ok, so last year you didn't get to take a vacation at all, so what are you waiting for? While things are still slow going at Stewart Airport there are many other airports within a 2-hour drive from the Hudson Valley, that could be worth your while to drive a bit, pay for parking and still get to take a trip this year.

This is one of JetBlue's many quick sales. So, if you are thinking about it and see dates and prices that work for you, book it and go!. Taking a quick look at where the really 'good deals' are? NYC to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, also Charleston, SC, Atlanta, GA and Reno, NV, just to name a few of the highlights for inside the country.

If you are thinking about the Caribbean, there are some deals to Turks and Caicos, Bahamas and Aruba. I know that in order to go to Aruba, the Aruban government is requiring all persons flying there to purchase travel health insurance (from them) and have a COVID test within 72 hours of your departure to the island, even if you are vaccinated. Then to get back into the US, you will need to take a COVID test to be able to board a plane to return home. Do not let that stop you.

Here are links to the fares for JetBlue from JFK , Newark and LaGuardia:

  • Martha's Vineyard, $44 from JFK
  • Miami, $59 from JFK
  • Nantucket, $54 from JFK
  • Portland, ME, $69 from JFK
  • Portland, Oregon, $99 from JFK
  • Turks and Caicos, $99 from JFK
  • Raleigh, NC $64 from JFK
  • Reno, NV $109 from JFK
  • Charleston from EWR $54
  • Fort Lauderdale from EWR $64
  • Nassau from EWR, $89
  • Orlando from EWR, $64

So where would you like to go? Where did you have plans to go last year that were canceled because of COVID?

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