Do 'Gun Free Zones' work? Some of the worst gun-related tragedies have taken place in these spots. One judge at the Federal level may have recognized this and some New Yorkers see this as a win.

Guns are a sensitive topic of discussion in the country but many Americans own them, especially in New York State.

Some gun owners have them for sport. Many gun owners see the 2nd amendment as a necessary balance check against the threat of a tyrannical government.

According to Pew Research Center, most gun owners possess a handgun. Many Americans see these types of weapons as a tool for self-defense against the threat from an intruder or an attacker on the street.

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That tool is almost impossible to carry for law-abiding citizens in parts of New York City without stating a specific need for it. Recently, new gun laws went into effect here in New York. Some of the changes included the purchase age to buy certain firearms, where you can carry concealed firearms legally, as well as a strengthened background check system which many believe to be unfair.

According to Slate, a Federal Judge found it unfair as many parts of the new restrictions are being torn to pieces in Federal Court. Gun owners across America are seeing the decision as a win.  

AG Leticia James stated on Twitter that she will appeal the decision.

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