The once-popular restaurant will soon be home to something new and many residents aren't happy with the choice.

Back in 2014, the town of Ulster announced that they would be welcoming the first-ever Hardee's fast food restaurant in New York State. At the time the location was going to be in a newly constructed plaza off the highly traveled Route 9W in Lake Katrine and when plans were revealed many Kingston and surrounding area burger fans were excited.

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Hardee's in Ulster, New York

If I remember correctly in 2014/2015 a bunch of new businesses started to make their way into the new Ulster Commons Plaza on Route 9W. Hardee's was the fast food restaurant that joined businesses like Carmount Medical and Tractor Supply in the plaza on Ulster Ave. and when they first opened it seemed like Hardee's would be a fast food staple in the Kingston area for many years. The menu lasted a while at the 9W location but the name Hardees didn't.

Google maps
Google maps

Carl's Jr.

After only a few months customers noticed that the sign on the outside of the building no longer said Hardee's but was changed to Carl's Jr. Many of us wondered why the change?? We later found out that Hardee's and Carl's Jr were the same company and that each restaurant was given its name based on its location in the United States. Most West coast locations were Carls' and East coast restaurants were called Hardee's. No matter what the name on the building said or how good their biscuits were, the restaurant didn't last as they eventually closed for good a short time later.

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Starbuck's Coming to Lake Katrine Plaza

After a few attempts from other businesses to reopen the location failed, the Ulster Town Board has announced some good news for coffee fans. According to a post on Facebook, the former Hardee's Restaurant on Ulster Ave./Route 9W is now a project now before the town planning board. The project will reportedly have the vacant space become a new Starbucks Coffee. The town board didn't specify when the new location would be open for customers but did say that the other Starbucks right up the road will remain open as well.

Chick-fil-A or White Castle Would be Better, Right?

Lake Katrine residents weren't happy with the Starbucks announcement with many saying the same thing, "do we really need another Starbucks?" Residents wondered why the location couldn't be a fast food restaurant that most want in the area. Residents shared numerous suggestions including Chick-fil-A, and White Castle to name a few. If you could choose what do you think should go into this location? Let us know through the Wolf country app.

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