As we roll into fall there are a few things that we are looking forward to like cooler temperatures and plenty of Halloween candy. There are also things we are not looking forward to that can make fall's arrival a bit stressful.

If you are like me the arrival of October is exciting but it is also a bit frustrating. September always seems to go by so quickly leaving you little time to do the things that need to get done before we get too far into the fall.

The colder weather setting in and the knowledge that the holiday season will kick off as soon as the candles fade in the Halloween pumpkins means we have to be prepared and suddenly time seems to be running out.

There are a few things that trip me up every October and I am wondering if it is the same for you.

Cold executive working with a heater failure in winter

1 - Checking the Heater

I always seem to miss the window where I could get my heater serviced for the winter before it actually gets cold. Every year it seems to get harder and harder to get the service guy to the house before I actually need to turn the heat on. When will I learn to call for annual service in July instead of September.


2 - Figure Out that it Gets Darker Earlier

This time of year is when I still try to do something after work outside forgetting that since June the days have been getting shorter and that right now I am pretty much getting out of work in the dark. So much for after work lawncare

One Snow-Capped Orange Pumpkin

3 - And Finally the Weather

That's right I said the weather. There is nothing more disruptive in October than snow. It is not unheard of to get that freak storm in October that brings snow to the Hudson Valley way before Christmas. It might melt a few days later but it is still snow and when you aren't prepared it can be a big nuisance,

At this point there isn't much you can do about any of these things except realize that snow is a possibility, the heater will limp along fine until the furnace guy can get to you and keep a flashlight in the car until March.

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