This weekend, I met up with my girlfriend and a couple of her friends at the Dutchess County Fair. It was my girlfriend's first time at the Dutchess County Fair. She was not much of a fair person growing up, so the fair experience is something still relatively new to her.

One of our first dates was going to the Saratoga County Fair.  The Saratoga County Fair is a cute fair and has plenty of fun to offer. Size-wise, it is small compared to something like the Dutchess County Fair. She was a big fan of seeing all the animals and getting to pet them. She thought the buildings with the vendors were impressive and thought the fair food was delicious. I brought her to my favorite Stromboli food truck at the fair, and she understood why it was my favorite. And of course, we topped the night off with a ride on the ferris wheel overlooking all the gorgeous lights.

Our trip got me thinking, which fairgrounds could possibly be rated the best in the Mid-Hudson Valley? Each fairground has something special to offer, so which one really wins over attendants?

I took to Google to check out the reviews, and this is what it said. Do you agree with the results? Where is your favorite fair? Message us in the app!

4) Orange County Fairgrounds

Google Rating: 3.6 Stars

Google Reviews: 276

3) Ulster County Fairgrounds

Google Rating: 4.4 Stars

Google Reviews: 160

2) Columbia County Fairgrounds

Google Rating: 4.4 Stars

Google Reviews: 224

1) Dutchess County Fairgrounds

Google Rating: 4.6 Stars

Google Reviews: 1,930

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