Looking to get out of the house this weekend and do a little exploring around the Hudson Valley? Why not visit the Widow Jane Mine in between Rosendale and Kingston?

The Widow Jane Mine sits on the Snyder Estate, which the Century House Historical Society has just re-opened for socially-distant self guided tours and hikes.

On Sunday, May 9th the Century House Historical Society will be hosting a Geology Walk and Talk with SUNY Ulster Professor, and Century House Historical Society Board Trustee member, Steven Schimmrich. Starting at 1 PM Professor Schimmrich will lead a leisurely walk around the Snyder Estate and Widow Jane Mine.

When in the mine, Professor Schimmrich will discuss the "unique and fascinating geology" of the Ulster County area as well as pointing out "the location of some interesting fossils and teach you how those grey rocks you drive past every day allow geologist to visualize ancient seas teeming with life."

The Geology Walk and Talk is free to Century House Historical Society members, however non members are asked to donate $5.00 to the society.

In the past the Widow Jane Mine was used to mine natural cement, but according to Atlas Obscura the mine has also been used as a "mushroom farm, trout nursery, supplier of whisky water, performance venue, and a recording studio."

The A.J. Snyder Estate and Window Jane Mine is located at 668 State Rote 213 in Rosendale. As mentioned before, self-guided tours and socially distant hikes are allowed from 10am until 6pm.

For more details on booking private events, like photoshoots, filming, parties and other events visit the Century House Historical Society website.


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