Sneak away for a long weekend by going nowhere. This weekend we will all be exhaling from the latest winter storm that disrupted our work week. February brings lots of challenges when it comes to plan activities. First off it is the shortest month of the year so you are already short a day or two to plan anything. Add to that Groundhog's day which gets us all excited for Spring. Then Valentine's Day that has us falling in love and hoping to do something romantic and meaningful. And to cap off the month we throw in the long weekend for Presidents Day.

If you are like me you might be exhausted from making plans that you have had to alter due to weather or timing. So this weekend set aside time to chill. No, I don't mean chill as in be cold. I mean chill as in relax. before you know it the days will be longer, temperatures will be getting warmer and we will be wishing we had more time to enjoy the new season.

So take my late winter advice. Power through the snow days and the short weeks because you want to be caught up by April. After a drury fall and a weird wet winter  we will all be happy with a warm sunny Spring. At least I am hoping that is what Mother Nature has planned. But this weekend you are given a holiday use it to recharge.

And while you at it look towards Summer the Taste of Country Music Festival is just over 100 days from now, are you ready?

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