Knowing that I will be spending a lot of time around my house this summer I started thinking about some of the things I have on my backyard wish list. That led to wandering around the yard imagining all the cool things I could get and where I would put them. While I was trying to figure out where everything would go in the lawn it occurred to me I need a chainsaw.

Go ahead feel free to ask how I jumped from a yard canopy to a chainsaw. Simple, I have a lot of trees that need to be trimmed before I can install anything. Even the guy who cuts my lawn has to duck in places because of a stray limb or two. The other reason a chainsaw came to mind was because I needed to make a difference in my yard this week and that was on the affordable list. You may recall last week was the Zombie Bird House removal so I guess I had to top that home improvement project with another this weekend.

I have a vision for my yard as most homeowner do. It involves a few amenities that will most likely never happen, but a girl can dream. I would love small pool or swim spa. Next to that would be one of those cool outdoor kitchens. And I totally want a Tiny house for people who visit. Add this to the list of things I want to do inside the house and most of my friends say "you are gonna need a new house".

The truth is I probably need to do a few practical things before I do all of those wish list items so I am back to the chainsaw. Ever since I move to my house I have had to have someone with a chainsaw help me remove stray limb. They also then always follow their help up with the phrase "call me when you need this done, you should do this". I get it, chainsaws are dangerous but so is a lot of other stuff I do.

So I have now become a chainsaw owner who is very careful and not to insult anyone who might own the model I bought but lets face it if there could be a girly model with train wheels on it, it would probably be the model I bought. So as much as I would have enjoyed a pool this weekend I loved that for the first time in 17 years I trimmed my own branches. Did I mention it's also a pole saw, so cool. So I say, try something you want to do that people say you can't you just might surprise them and feel really accomplished when your done.

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