If it's happened to you, you never forget it!

I was out walking my dog the other day when one of my neighbors came up to me and started to tell me about something crazy that happened to him while he was pumping gas the other day at the gas station near our apartment complex.

He told me that he was pumping gas at the gas station in Poughkeepsie and while he was doing it someone reached into his car and stole his laptop bag off the front seat of his car. He said the car was unlocked and his laptop bag was sitting on the front passenger seat while he was pumping and when he got back in the car after he was done the bag was gone.

At first he said he thought he might have left it at home, so he went back home to check and it wasn't there. So he went back to the gas station to ask if anyone saw anything and the gas station attendant said that their surveillance cameras weren't working right so they have no video to show him. He did call the police who made a report, but he's now out the laptop and has to go and buy a new one.

Stories like this stink, but I know that stuff like this is happening all the time across the Hudson Valley. Has anything like this ever happened to you? If it has call or text us through the Wolf mobile app to share your story. Hopefully we can all learn from what happened to you so it never happens to any of us ever again.


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