Have you ever had any of your teeth knocked out?

I had a dentist appointment yesterday that didn't quite go as planned and that makes for an awful Wednesday. I wound up having a tooth break while I was in the dentist chair yesterday and a 45 minute appointment turned into almost a two hour fun filled adventure. UGH! Long story short, I'm temporally fixed but still in a ton of pain.

So after all of this happens to me yesterday, I come into work this morning and wouldn't you know it today is National Tooth Fairy Day. Ironic, right?

As we were talking about my nightmare, we started taking calls from people that have either chipped or lost a tooth in a crazy way and we had Tom call the show to let us know that he has swallowed a false tooth before and instead of going to the dentist for a new one, he has let nature takes its course and once it does he has the well traveled tooth put back in his mouth.....WOW!

If you have ever lost a tooth or chipped one in an interesting way, call the show at 845-473-9431 or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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