A year ago, we found ourselves as a country going to the polls after what was, arguably, one of the oddest and most emotional election seasons in memory. In the days following the election, I remember reading and hearing stories about people who, although they had been old enough to vote for many years, had only just voted in their first election.

Regardless of an election's outcome, I always wondered why someone would choose not to vote. It's your voice, it's a way that you have a say in what happens in your town, state, and country.

It's also a right that thousands of men and women have fought and died for. If you proudly wave the red, white, and blue; if you honor our veterans all year long; and if you stop and stand for the national anthem whenever you hear it, why would you forgo a right that is treasured in a democracy, the right to vote.

If you aren't sure where your polling place is, you can find out here. While the deadline to register to be able to vote on Tuesday, has come and gone for this year, this video gives a great overview of the voting process.

Voting means every election, not just the big ones. Find out about your local candidates, what do they believe in, what do they stand for? Do you agree or disagree with them? There's still time to do some research before you head out to the polls on Tuesday.

Exercise the right that our men and women in uniform fought and died for. The right to vote.

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