In case you weren't aware we have a few designated days coming your way right after Thanksgiving that could help you plan your holiday weekend. Of course everyone knows that Friday is Black Friday. The shopping day of all days. I have to admit it was nice to hear how many stores were actually not going to open on Thanksgiving day.

Saturday is the well publicized thanks to American Express as "Small Business Saturday". This is the day everyone is encourage to shop at a locally owned store, restaurant or business. It is an opportunity to visit your town's main street and see what local shop keepers have to offer during the holiday season. With so many amazing small towns in the Hudson Valley it will be easy to find great places to go.

Sunday is Giving Sunday. This day doesn't get as many ads on TV but is definitely one of my favorites of the weekend. This is the day set aside for us to stop down and give back. Giving Sunday was designed to break away from the shopping and get back to the heart warming holiday tradition of giving. It can be a small gesture or even a monetary donation to a local charity. The smallest gift this time of year can go a very long way to brightening someone's holiday and lift some of the guilt from all that shopping.

And finally Monday "Cyber Monday" the day you all return to work and spend the day at your desk shopping online. Heads up Amazon here we come.



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