If you felt like 2022 was full of announcements of traffic circles (or rotaries) being constructed across the Hudson Valley, you aren't alone.

The talk of the town, er, the Hudson Valley over the past few months has focused a great deal on where they were being built, and then followed up with complaints of people not knowing how to 'properly' use them.

The one that received the most attention over the past six months had to be the 376/New Hackensack Road intersection that went from a mess of turn right then left to go straight maneuvers... into a roundabout that people are still complaining about.

East Fishkill Roundabout Opens, New Traffic Patterns At John Jay High School

Students returning to John Jay High School following the winter recess were met with a new traffic pattern and drop-off plan.  This wasn't necessarily a surprise, as it was announced back in June that construction would soon begin on East Fishkill's first traffic circle, and even then, people were skeptical. There was also an email sent to the JJHS community informing them of the upcoming changes.

YouTube/EF22 East Fishkill, New York
YouTube/EF22 East Fishkill, New York

The project, actually titled the 'new route 52 traffic mitigation plan,' was intended to help with residential, commercial and school-related traffic. By the looks of things, based primarily on the feedback from parents and community members in local social media community groups, initial reviews are mixed.

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One parent started the conversation right away on Tuesday, January 3rd following morning drop-off at JJHS, citing that 'westbound on rt 52 and the congestion at iPark/Palen/Rt-52 intersection is not obviously improved' but did say that the new drop off does work better than the old plan.

The post went on to provide some explanations about minor issues they encountered:

Facebook: WCSD Community Connect
Facebook: WCSD Community Connect

The Crowds (AKA Commenters) Went Wild, Chiming In On Traffic Circle & New John Jay Traffic Plan

Comments began streaming in about why students were crossing in the traffic circle, the legality and safety concerns associated with these actions.

Others praised the new plan, most praises seemed to generate from those traveling eastbound into the area, one person citing that 'I thought it all worked beautifully. So much better!'

This was echoed by other comments who agreed that those traveling on the westbound side haven't really benefitted from the new changes.


Have you traveled through this area yet or used the new drop-off pattern at John Jay, and if yes, what are your initial thoughts?

Do you know the 'right' way to navigate local traffic circles and what NOT to ever, ever, do when traveling in one?

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