Unfortunately, with the spread of COVID-19 we are seeing tons of restrictions around here. The only positive thing is they are in place to keep us safe and stop the spread of the virus.

Starting tomorrow, Dutchess County Public Transit will start some new restrictions.

According to Content.GovDelivery.com/NYDUTCHESS and Dutchess County Governments Facebook Page, here are some of the restrictions.

*The only routes operating will be E, J, K, and L. They will be operating Monday through Friday 7am to 4pm.

*Fixed routes besides that will not be running.

*Services like Dial-A-Ride, and flex service will not be running until further notice.

* A special on-demand same day service will be implemented for senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and veterans who can't access the routes that are running.

*Routes that are fixed rates will now be $0.75

On-demand same day service will be $1.00 one way.

For the full descriptions of each route you can click the link above.



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