My baby girl just turned 13 months and is just now starting to walk.  She's at that wobbly legs stage where she will stand for a bit, then take a few steps.

The other day, we were watching TV and the guy was talking about how he had a situation the night before because he had a little to much to drink and when he got out of the cab, he staggered into his apartment.

Right about that time we look to our right and there is baby taking about 5 steps.  It was the typical high step, make sure each step is precise and lands proper and you can keep your balance before taking the next step.   Basically, it was that same "drunk" walk that we have all had to do at least once in our lives.

If you are one of the few that has never been that drunk, imagine sitting, maybe on the toilet to long and both of your legs fall asleep.  It's that feeling.  The feeling of, "leg, pick up, put down.  I'm still upright so I can now repeat with the other leg"

This is also the same scene in downtown Poughkeepsie almost every Friday and Saturday night.

I'm going to keep all of the videos and torture her at her 21st birthday.


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