It's not the first ride to the top of the I-95 broadcast tower but it is exciting. A Youtuber with the user name Matt Bugbee Aerial Photography Services just captured another drone look at our (I-95) 95.1 FM Broadcast tower in Brookfield, CT.

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For official purposes, it's the WRKI-FM and WINE-AM broadcast tower, I want to make that clear because the kind of person who will read this, will care.

I say "our" because I have worked at I-95 for the last 21 years and I've spent 14 of those years as the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show.

Matt Bugbee Aerial Photography Services
Matt Bugbee Aerial Photography Services

My words shoot off of this mega structure and boom all over the area. Sometimes those words land on a boombox on Candlewood Lake, other times they are in someone's car stuck in traffic on 684 and they even find their way down to the North Shore of Long Island.

Matt Bugbee Aerial Photography Services
Matt Bugbee Aerial Photography Services

I've had the science behind the magic of radio frequencies explained to me by many engineers in this business and still don't understand after all these years.

That has less to do with my level of comprehension and a lot more to do with the personality of radio engineers. You are either talking to Cosmo Kramer or Yosemite Sam. That said, they are all brilliant and we are lucky to have them or the magic does not work.

What I do get about the "magic" or distribution of sound, far and wide, is that it can't be done without a tower like this one. This antenna happens to be cooler and bigger than most, Google it if you need to.

I've only seen it from the ground in real life, but we've seen aerial photographs and drone video the last few years that are really impressive. I believe this is the first time someone did a 360 degree loop around the top of the tower.

Maybe that is the part that gave me a physical reaction? I've watched hundreds of hours of drone footage in the past, but nothing has ever made me actually have a feeling before. It's possible I have a minor fear of extreme heights, it's also possible that my hands tingle and/or sweat when facing these heights.

They were sweating and tingling when I watched this one. Watch at your own risk.


  • The antenna is 500 feet in height, 30 feet are underground and the remaining 470 feet are above ground.
  • The tower is 1,200 feet above sea level.
  • The tower once caught fire.

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Drone Captures Crystal Clear Images of Brookfield From High Above

While cruising Youtube recently I found a video that captured my attention, drone footage from high above Brookfield, CT. The video happened to be of a section of Brookfield right above the radio station I've been worked at for 21 years, I-95.

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