An exciting day for one dog and a Ghent, New York family turned into what could have been a pet owner's worst nightmare.

Eileen the Dog Gets Loose on First Day Home

On March 13th, 2024, Ulster County Canines shared that one of their newest adopted dogs was on the loose. The dog, named Eileen, had just arrived home with her new family when her leash was accidentally dropped and the dog took off running.

Ulster County Canines, Facebook
Ulster County Canines, Facebook

UCC wrote, "Eileen is nervous at first but warms up quickly which she did during her adoption appointment." The rescue added:

We do everything we possibly can to ensure the care and safety of our dogs but understanding mistakes sometimes happen. This is a very emotional situation for UCC.

They explained that they had traps around the property in Ghent where Eileen was last seen. UCC also put a call out to any drone services to reach out. Shortly after the post started making the rounds Heatseeker Drone Service was on the scene.

Heatseeker Drones Flies To The Rescue

We reached out to Michael at Heatseeker Drone Services who told us all about how he was able to locate the lost pup.

Michael tells us it was a rather quick find:

Took about ten minutes to find her then had the owners go out to retrieve. I hovered above her with the spotlight on so they could see her exact location and then they started gently calling to her. After about 10-15 min she finally made her way into momma's arms.

Heatseeking Drone Services, Youtube
Heatseeking Drone Services, Youtube

According to Michael, Eileen was only about 1,000 feet behind the property. She got to the swamp and laid down, they believe she didn't move for the 24 hours that she was missing.

.Ulster County Canines offered up this update after Eileen was found:

We are on the way home with Eileen in tow dirty but just fine other wise. We will share details when we get all settled back in at home.

Drone Services Help Locate Lost Animals

Heatseeking Drone Services, Youtube
Heatseeking Drone Services, Youtube

Since 2023, Michael has been using his drone to rescue lost pets across the Hudson Valley. He explains that while he doesn't keep count, he believes his rescue number is around 45-50.

If you have a missing pet Michael suggests reaching out sooner rather than later. You can call him at 914-420-9917 or send him a message on Facebook at Heatseeker Drone Services. Michael is based in Southern New York in the Carmel area.

Other drone services in the Hudson Valley include Upstate Thermal Drone Services in Red Hook.

You can watch Heatseeking Drone Services save of Eileen below on Youtube:

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