Whether you have lived in New York State your entire life or you have lived through at least one winter here, you know we are going to get snow storms. As a matter of fact, by all accounts, we are expected to see snow falling on and off right through the weekend.

Even though we are aware that snow is coming, many of us still panic. For example, you will see the shelves at the grocery stores start to empty of bread, water and milk. For those that have to drive during the storm, some will put on their hazard lights as they drive. Is this legal or illegal in New York?

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It is illegal in some states to have your hazard lights on while you're driving. It doesn't matter if it's raining, foggy, sleeting or snowing. In some places, you just can't do it. In Alaska, the use of hazard lights is not permitted while driving and they should know a thing or two about driving in snowy conditions.

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In New York State it is legal to drive with your hazard lights on but be aware that this could cause confusion for other drivers. Typically we use our hazards if we are stranded or if our vehicle is broken down. In a snowstorm other motorists could think you have come to a stop and not realize that you are moving.

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Here are some New York State Winter Driving Tips:

  • Keep vehicles clear of ice and snow
  • Slow down
  • Keep your gas tank above half-full if possible
  • Check tires for proper inflation
  • Plan your stops and keep more distance between cars
  • Remember that snowdrifts and snow banks can hide small children
  • Don't crowd the plow

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