I am going to come right out and say until earlier this month I rarely ate a Kiwi. Sure there was the occasional kiwi slice a top a fruit dish but a whole kiwi? It was just to much trouble for too little treat. But then my sister who was visiting from the land of the Kiwi Bird informed me that not only was the Kiwi a super food but it was super easy to eat.

Turns out you can just slice it in half and eat it straight out of the skin with a spoon. If you have ever peeled a Kiwi you know that it can be troublesome and messy not to mention you waste so much kiwi. Turns out they are easy to peel as well. Check out the food hack below.

So now I am eating almost a kiwi a day. They are packed full of good stuff that's good for you. I am working hard at eating better and now that the kiwi has been conquer it will be even easier for me to make good food choices when it comes to morning fruit to start my day. Move aside banana on toast there is a new fruit on the counter called kiwi.

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