It is impossible to go on social media and not see a notice for a lost pet. Unfortunately today the West Milford Police Department (WMPD) posted a notice about a pet that was found deceased on October 26, 2023.

They have not given out very many details and as you can imagine that has a lot of people making speculations.  THE WMPD hopes that the public can help fill in some of the information by knowing what the dog looked like and where it was found.

Police Investigate Death of Dog Found in the Woods in West Milford, New Jersey

The dog they found deceased was discovered about ten feet into the woods near where Clinton Road intersects with Schoolhouse Cove Road in Milford, New Jersey just over the New York border of Orange County. The dog was already dead at the time he was found.

West Milford Police Department via Facebook
West Milford Police Department via Facebook

The West Milford Police Department described the dog pictured above as a younger male husky with no tags.

It appears to be a younger, black and white male Husky that is not neutered. The dog was wearing a size “Large” black nylon “Tactical” style collar which is commonly purchased on Amazon. A yellow and blue bungee cord was hooked to the collar. There were no I.D tags on the collar and the dog was not microchipped. Regional animal shelters, veterinarians, and missing dog listings have been checked. (West Milford Police Department via Facebook)


Police Need Your Help Identifying a Dog Found Dead in the Woods

Sadly as if it isn't enough that the poor dog was discovered dead it seems there may be some other circumstances surrounding the dog's death. The Police department seems to be only giving out certain pieces of information and that could be due to the fact that something needs further investigation. The statement says that due to the manner in which the dog was found the matter is being investigated in a criminal manner.

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The West Milford Animal Shelter Society is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to the successful identification of the dog and its owner. If you have any information you are asked to contact WMPD Detective Burea at (973) 728-2803 or email

The comments continue to pour in on the West Milford Police Department Facebook page not to mention how many pages it has been shared to. As you can imagine most comments express sadness and frustration surrounding the dog's death but many also are thanking the West Milford Police for the way they are handling the situation.

Again if you can help contact the WMPD Detective Bureau at (973) 728-2803 or

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