This morning our early morning brain stimulator asked "46% of women say they feel sexy when they do this. What is it?" The answer was shaving their legs.


After getting the correct answer, CJ asked if I felt sexy after shaving my legs and I responded "Of course!"

However, in the summer time it's one thing, but shaving your legs in the winter is a whole other story. I told CJ that in the winter, for ladies, that our leg hair grows back quicker because it's colder. After some research I found that goosebumps have nothing to do with hair growing back quicker, but that wasn't my reasoning anyway.

I believe that because it's colder our hair grows quicker to keep us warm. Just like animals get a winter coat, so do we. We had one caller who said the exact same thing and several others who and I quote "100%" agree with me. Ladies, I need your input. CJ does not believe this is a thing so we're going right to the source.

Does your hair grow back quicker in the winter? Do you find yourself shaving every few days? I know I do, I even tweeted about it two days ago:

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