I recently had to ask someone I was getting ready to work for to write me a check for their deposit and after I asked she made me feel like I was 100 years old.

A new survey reveals that 1 out of every 5 people under the age of 25 have never written a check and after the conversation I had with a client the other day it seems like before long checkbooks will be a thing of the past.

After getting the great news that the lady I speaking to was going to book me to be the DJ at her wedding next year I started to explain to her our next steps, contracts, and things. When I told her about the deposit I require for the event I told her that she could simply write me a check and mail it to me.

She paused for a few seconds and started laughing and said she doesn't have checks and asked if we could do Venmo or something like that. I laughed and told her that I now feel like I'm 100 years old and yes we can do Venmo...LOL!

Does the Hudson Valley Still Write Checks?

Am I the only person that still uses checks? Thankfully I'm not as we got a ton of text messages from people all over the Hudson Valley including Jenn from Newburgh who said, "I have to write a check every quarter for my water and sewer bill and my Garbage." Kati in Wurstboro texted us, "I have a checkbook the last check I wrote was for an oil delivery which was this past Sunday."

If you still write checks do you keep your checkbook balanced?

Ver in Pine Bush texted us "I wrote a check for my niece as a birthday present. Never balanced my checkbook, which caused confusion in the past." Agreed here is where my check writing ends. Yes, I write checks but I don't think I've ever kept an accurate tally of how much money I have in my checking account. With online banking nowadays I simply log on every day and check my balances. Yup, I'm the person that has to check their balances every single day!

Are you a daily balance checker? We'd love to hear from you. Call or text us through the Wolf app.

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