Have you ever used a You Tube video to help you fix something?

I have a whole bunch of times and it amazes me every time that I can find a video to show me how to pretty much do anything.

I have used how to videos to fix my clothes dryer, fix my deck, fix the plumbing underneath my kitchen sink and learned how to tie a tie, just to name a few. Almost every time, after watching the video a few times, I get the job done.

Could you imagine using You Tube to build a house? This lady is proof that it can be done.

According to WFAA, an Arkansas mother of four, used You Tube to build a home on a limited budget and has quite the story to tell.

Cara Brookins, decided to build the house after she got out of an abusive relationship and had to find a new home for her and her family.

Brookins budget was very limited and after looking locally for a house she decided that she didn’t have many options so she turned to YouTube, and slowly built her family’s new home.

Brookins is an author of multiple books and is getting ready to release a book that will detail her amazing journey. The book is called "Rise, How a House Built a Family."

She said that she hopes her book will inspire other women who have managed to escape abusive relationships to “Do something big."

The book will be available tomorrow.

If you have ever used a YouTube video to fix or build something, let us know in the comment section below.

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