These are the random questions that float around in my gigantic head!

When you are around other people and someone sneezes, what do you say to them? I most times say "Bless You" like I think the majority of the world does. But why? Where did all of this start? Who better to ask then you guys.

I asked and you answered with some really interesting reasons including a text from Melissa who wrote, "I say Bless you. When I was growing up in Indiana I was taught to say it because they thought whoever was sneezing was coming down with an illness. Bless you meant that you were protecting them from the illness."

Kat G texted, "I say God bless you. you say it because your heart actually stops for that second or so you sneeze so the bless you is hoping your heart starts again crazy right. And the repeat offenders after the third one I just look at them and tell them that's enough."

Kat brought us to my next question, How many times do you say bless you to the repeat sneezer? Call or text us through the Wolf app and be listening for your comments all morning long.

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