If you do it was probably a pretty awkward moment but be thankful you had someone to have the talk with you.

I don't remember having the "talk" with my parents growing up, I think my mom asked me if I had any questions and I think I said no, I'm good or something like that.

If you think you are going to have a hard time with the talk with your kids, your not alone as a couple from the U.K. recently posted on a website for childcare professionals that they are looking to hire someone to explain the 'birds and the bees' to their kids, so they don't have to, according to the New York Post.
To be clear they are looking for a licensed childcare professional that can cover a range of topics including sex, gay sex, STDs, condoms, consent, male and female anatomy, periods, and pregnancy, as well as transgender and non-binary gender identities.

The couple has two kids, a boy and a girl that are seven and years old, which seems a little young for the talk to me, anyway the couple is offering just under $3,500 for the talk. No word as of now if they have found anyone.

Do you remember the talk? How old were you when you had it? Let us know on Facebook.

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