This morning I had to do some running around before I got the the radio station and this resulted in me taking a trip down memory lane. A very long time ago I was a newspaper delivery girl. It was 1970 something and I delivered an evening paper called the Tacoma News Tribune. Anyway the point of this story is not to talk about my paper girl days but to instead shout out the amazing skills I saw today on my way to work.

So I am traveling into New Paltz on a back road I travel often but not at the hour I was on it this morning. Let's just say I was up and out early today. On time for some of you but way early for me.  I was heading towards Route 299 when suddenly I come up on a car driving slower than the speed limit. I slowed down in order not tailgate and this is when I saw something that even on my best day as a newspaper delivery person I couldn't have achieved and not to brag but I had a pretty good throw.

The car in front of me turned out to be a local paper delivery person who with exact precision was able to throw from their car window while meandering down the road. I was only behind them for a throw or two because once they saw I was in the rear view they pulled over to let me around. For the short time I was along for the ride i saw skills that must have taken years to perfect. While traveling safely, on the correct side of the road this paper person landed one paper dead to center in a walkway leading to the front porch on the driver side. Then with out missing a beat rolled on and landed a driveway dead center on the opposite side through the passenger side window.

I wanted stop and congratulate them on their skills but by then I had a line of cars behind me so not wanting to hold up traffic I moved on around the paper person. So if you are the paper person on Plutarch Road in New Paltz good job! And if you know this person please pass along my appreciation.

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